Whenever I have to explain to someone what a wiki is, I invariably mention wikipedia because just about everybody knows it. But the next time I have to show someone a wiki, my first choice without a doubt is the Bach Academie de Montreal
… which clearly blows away most wikis in terms of presentation. I guess we should expect French-speaking musical lovers and musicians to do a brilliant job when it comes to user interface. 🙂 It’s easy to downplay the importance of UI when we dwell so much on features in software, but wow, can it matter. Our friends at Adaptivist built this incredible version of Confluence. We love this wiki so much, it is going to be in our demos.
The Bach Academie is one of over 700 non-profit and open source licenses we have donated in the last two years, to give something back to the community and to our friends in the technical community.

Johann Sebastian Wiki...