Second Life, Linden Lab, and Atlassian JiraLinden Lab called us a couple months ago to show us how they are using Jira. Now, many of our customers have customised our products in innovative and interesting ways, but rarely have we talked with a customer doing anything like this. Linden Lab has democratized just about every aspect of decision-making. Employees across functional areas in the company share new ideas and strategies, rate each another’s ideas, get their daily tasks, and communicate with one another all through Jira.

On your first day of work at Linden Lab you’re given your login, your Jira login, and your first task, which is to log into Jira. – Philip Rosedale, Founder, Linden Lab

But I suppose this is what one should expect from the company that created Second Life, a game that has dominated headlines in major magazines and newspapers for its fantastic graphics, vision, and interactivity. After our initial meeting, we had to go back and interview Linden Lab founder, Philip Rosedale.

Jira’s Second Life at Linden Lab...