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If there’s one lesson we’ve learned from our ShipIt Days, in which developers have 24 hours to build and deliver a working software prototype, it’s that small teams and isolation can produce awesome results.

With that idea in mind, two of our developers shut themselves in a locked room and got to work on Jira’s external importers.

They’re moving at a blistering pace, with this latest iteration of the importer coming just two weeks after the initial release.

Plugin power

Jira’s ‘External System Import’ tool has traditionally been embedded as a part of Jira, accessible through the Administration tab. Our developer duo liberated it and turned it into a plugin, which can be downloaded from our plugin repository.

As a plugin, the External Importer is no longer tied to Jira releases, meaning updates can be released much more frequently. The current version of the Importer plugin works for Bugzilla versions 2.20 to 3.6.3, but stay tuned for future iterations that will tackle Mantis, Fogbugz and CSV imports.

What you can import

In addition to importing Bugzilla issue information, the importer plugin also handles:

  • Importing Work History
  • Importing Big File attachments
  • Importing disabled user accounts (do not count towards Jira user limit)

It also provides an easy way to map the following Bugzilla fields:

  • Priority
  • Status
  • Resolution
  • User Name
  • Links

The importer plugin additionally allows you to select a workflow scheme and a category for imported projects, and import Bugzilla keywords and turn them into Jira labels.

The plugin’s stellar Bugzilla import capabilities will soon be expanded to Mantis, Fogbugz, and generic CSV imports, so if you know someone planning on migrating data to Jira, spread the word!

1 bugzilla.png 2 JIM map.png
3 JIM values.png 4 PAC and JIM.png

Get the Jira Importer Plugin

Jira 4.2 customers can download and install the latest release via the Universal Plugin Manager (UPM) – just search for ‘importers’ or ‘Bugzilla’.

Feedback can be directed to the importer’s Jira project.

Jira’s Bugzilla Importer Updated and Improved