(That’s pronounced like geronimo.)

I’ve been playing with a way to ensure that the Jira tickets that get made for rMake have the correct information associated with them. To that end, I developed a python SOAP client for Jira, called pyjira. I also created a front end, called jiranemo (good for plunging into the dark and murky seas of bug finding). They’re still very much alpha, and Jira’s api has some holes as well*, so don’t expect miracles. I have been able to create, display, and search for issues, and add comments with it however. I have an API for adding attachments but haven’t exposed it through Jiranemo yet though.
Another thing this will let us do, I am hoping, is automatically add information to Jira when a fix is committed that links to the hg repository. That way we can track more easily what code was committed to fix a bug. That will let people who are interested in the patch(es) related to that bug find the relevant fix. A hook like that for cvc would be nice as well!

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