After months of hard work, the Jira Studio team is now beta testing the addition of Atlassian Bamboo continuous integration to our hosted development tool suite. bamboo_stu.png Bamboo allows you to schedule automated regular builds of your source, receive instant feedback regarding build success, and perform in-depth analytics and reporting. Studio’s implementation of Bamboo utilizes Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), allowing you to easily scale your build environment as your development cycles ebb and flow and build queues become longer.

As you might expect, we’ve built some nifty integrations with Bamboo in Studio, perhaps the niftiest being the ability to have Jira workflows be actioned based on the results of a build. For example, you can configure a workflow to automatically progress an issue from ‘Building’ to ‘Resolved’ status when an build related to that issue (i.e. Jira issue key added to commit message) has successfully completed. Alternatively, you can configure the same workflow to progress an issue from ‘Building’ to ‘Build Broken’ status if a build related to that issue fails.

To learn more about Bamboo in Studio, check out our Getting Started with Bamboo in Studio documentation. Please keep in mind that Bamboo is still in Beta, so you may well uncover a level of quirkiness not normally seen in Studio – please help us to fix those and improve Bamboo by filing issues at our support project.

Try Studio with Bamboo Beta today – 30-day no-risk trials now available!

Jira Studio introduces hosted continuous integration