There are more than 2 million businesses worldwide using Google Apps, and roughly 3,000 new ones sign-up for Google Apps each day. Atlassian is in the process of migrating from Zimbra to Google Apps, which many of us are eagerly awaiting, especially since most have been forwarding their mail from Zimbra to Google Mail anyway. Google Apps is a juggernaut, and it’s no wonder Google is proud of the response it continues to receive.
The analog to Google Apps at Atlassian is Jira Studio, our hosted software development suite. Jira Studio (Studio for short) is our fastest growing product, which shouldn’t be a surprise. In a single, hosted, just-turn-it-on-and-it-works product, Studio combines source control (Subversion), issue tracking (Jira), agile planning (GreenHopper), enterprise wiki (Confluence), code browsing (Fisheye), code reviews (Crucible) and continuous integration (Bamboo). All of that, beautifully integrated, and hosted as a single service. As a customer, you don’t worry about managing or upgrading it – we take care of all that. Studio helps teams build great software, by giving them the tools they need to manage code and development projects, without the hassle of managing those tools.
So when Google decided to relaunch the Google Apps marketplace, it’s no surprise they thought of Studio. For developers inside companies using Google Apps, Studio is the perfect complement. And now it’s a perfectly integrated complement.
Jira Studio for Google Apps
As of today, Jira Studio is available from the Google Apps Marketplace. If you’re a Google Apps customer, you can add Studio directly to your domain, straight from the marketplace. This means you’ll logon to Studio using your Google username and password. If you’re already logged in to Google Apps, Jira Studio appears as a menu item at the top of any Google application, and you’ll be signed in automatically to Studio when you select it.
But that’s not all. We’ve also added some nifty features to Studio that integrate Google Apps and Studio together. The features are described in better detail here and include:

  • attaching Google Docs to issue: any docs (spreadsheets, presentations, documents) you manage in Google Docs can be attached to Jira issues in Studio. And a single click on the doc from Studio takes you back to Google Docs to edit them, automatically logged-on.
  • embedding Google Docs and lists of documents in the wiki: the wiki’s macro browser (a visual page editor for adding components) has a few new Google page components that let you embed individual documents, or whole lists of documents, inside a wiki page.
  • Jira Studio Activity Bar: we’ve added a single launch bar that spans the bottom of every page in Studio. The Activity Bar lets users see the important updates from the tools they use most across both systems (unread message from Gmail, meetings from Google Calendar, recent issue from Jira, outstanding code reviews, etc.), and integrated chat from Google Talk, so you can IM directly with your teams from any page.
  • gadgets in Gmail: Studio, like many of our products, supports OpenSocial, and OpenSocial gadgets from Studio can be added to Google applications, like Gmail, giving some users that live in email a quick snapshot of open issues or project activity in the tool they use most.

We’re excited about the combination, and the opportunity this presents Studio. We hope that many of those companies “Going Google” will also “Go Studio.” Learn more at, or if you want to dive right into what Studio offers, check out
Oh, and here’s a little video we put together to explain the combination at a high level. Hope you enjoy it:

Jira Studio has “Gone Google”