Since its launch back in March, Jira Studio has continued to add cool new features, like the collaborator license, extending Jira Studio beyond the core team, and GreenHopper, the kick-ass project management tool for Agile software development.
free studio.png
But throughout Studio’s life, we’ve heard one complaint, over and over again — no free trial! Lots of people were (understandably) reluctant to buy a hosted development suite without at least the chance to kick the tires, and get some hands-on experience with the tools.
So I’m very pleased to announce that Jira Studio is offering free evaluations — starting right now!
As of today, when you sign-up for Jira Studio, your first 30 days are completely free. During the sign-up process, we will ask you for a credit card, but we won’t charge you anything for 30 days. Then, when those 30 days are up, we’ll start charging you our standard monthly rates. Of course, we also continue to offer two free months if you pay for a year in advance.
So click on over to learn more about Jira Studio and try it for free!

Jira Studio Adds Free Trials