The recently launched Jira Studio 2.3 includes a ton of improvements to the agile planning and tracking features. With the update to GreenHopper 5.2, Jira Studio 2.3 includes three releases worth of new GreenHopper features. Here are a few blog posts from the GreenHopper team highlighting those features.

Faster Agile Planning and Tracking

The revamped planning board and task board include several features to make these tools even faster and simpler to use, including:

  • Planning board filtering by component and/or assignee.
  • Task board filtering by assignee.
  • Time-saving improvements including bulk issue change, drag-able markers, epic creation and more.

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Top 5 ‘Flexible’ Agile Features

‘Agile’ means different things to different teams, and GreenHopper has been designed to support how your team works rather than trying to enforce a specific methodology. This blog post highlights our five favorite ‘flexible’ features including:

  1. Configurable cards and fields
  2. Nested versions and statistics
  3. Custom workflow
  4. Shareable views
  5. Configurable burndown and burnup charts

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Supporting a Scrum Process with Jira Studio

Many software development teams that are using an agile approach have incorporated some or all of the methods prescribed in Scrum. This blog post highlights the features of GreenHopper that support the Scrum methodology, including tools for:

  • building and organizing a product backlog.
  • defining your tasks for an iteration in a sprint backlog.
  • tracking progress using burndown charts.
  • supporting meetings including planning, daily standups, sprint reviews and retrospectives.

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Improved Kanban Support

Many development teams are adopting a ‘lean’ or ‘Kanban’ methodology for more reactive tasks such as help desk and post-release issue fixing and maintenance.
Check out this blog post to learn about new features that support using a lean approach, including:

  • Cummulative flow diagrams to track the volume of issues in different workflow states across time.
  • Release from task board makes it fast and simple to create a new version and assign issues to it right from the task board.

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Jira Studio 2.3 Highlights – Agile Improvements