The recently released Jira Studio 2.3 includes an upgraded wiki based on Confluence 3.3. Editing and sharing wiki content is faster and simpler than ever before! Here are a few of the great new features we think you should check out.

Faster, simpler content editing with Autocomplete

Rich-text editing in the wiki is even easier with the introduction of autocomplete for hyperlinks, images and macros. Simply type ‘[‘, ‘!’ or ‘{‘, and a dialog will appear allowing you to quickly complete the link, image or macro insertion.
Link.png Image and Document.png Macros.png
Check out “3 wiki shortcuts to save you time with Autocomplete”

Keep your team informed – Managing watchers

manage watchers dropdown.pngWant to make sure that the right people are being notified when important content is updated in your wiki? It’s now possible to manage watchers of a page or space. Not only can you watch spaces and pages that are important to you, but you can manage the watchers of your content, to ensure that important people stay in the loop throughout your project.
Check out “Wiki Management – Keep Your Team Informed”

Even more new wiki features

In addition to the features already mentioned, there are other wiki improvements including the wiki page gadget, blogging improvements, property panels for simply editing links and images, and more!
Check out all new wiki features in the Jira Studio 2.3 release notes.

Webinar – Making the Switch to Jira Studio

Are you considering Jira Studio, but not sure if you want to switch from on-premises development tools to hosted?
This webinar will feature a panel of Atlassian customers sharing their experience of switching to Jira Studio after using on-premises development tools, plus a summary of the infrastructure and services provided by Contegix, Atlassian’s hosting partner.
REGISTER NOW: October 27th, 2010 – 9AM-10AM PDT (GMT-8)

Jira Studio 2.3 Highlights – Faster Wiki Editing