After we introduced Google Apps integration to Jira Studio, allowing non-domain members to access Jira Studio quickly became one of our most voted for feature requests. Many Jira Studio customers work with outside contractors and consultants, but don’t want to create another domain user account nor worry about securing access to sensitive company information.

We’re excited to announce that in 2.3 release, Jira Studio users are no longer restricted to your Google Apps domain, making it fast and simple to grant access to your contractors, consultants, and even your customers!

Adding an External User

When creating new user accounts in Jira Studio, you now have two choices: Add a user linked to Google Apps, or add an external user.


If you select to add an external user, you can specify the email address associated with the user, and select the access level (developer or collaborator). Once the new user account is created, it will appear in your User Browser listed as an ‘external user’.

Create New External user.png User Browser With External.png

Logging into Jira Studio

When logging into Jira Studio, users have the choice of logging in using their Google account, or logging in directly. Members of the Google Apps domain can also access Jira Studio from within the universal navigation that appears in GMail, Google Calendar, Google Docs and other apps.

Webinar – Making the Switch to Jira Studio

Are you considering Jira Studio, but not sure if you want to switch from on-premises development tools to hosted?

This webinar will feature a panel of Atlassian customers sharing their experience of switching to Jira Studio after using on-premises development tools, plus a summary of the infrastructure and services provided by Contegix, Atlassian’s hosting partner.

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Jira Studio 2.3 Highlights – External Users for Google Apps