Jira Studio 2.2 included a ton of upgrades to the integrated applications, including Jira 4.1, the latest release of Atlassian’s flagship issue tracking system.

Jira 4.1 Feature Deep-dives

The Jira team wrote a great series of blog posts about the cool new features in Jira 4.1 that made working with issues faster and simpler. Here’s a quick summary of those posts.

New look issue screen

jira-41-issue details-1-thumb-500x163.pngJira 4.1 introduced a new look for the issue screen, designed to better organize all the information about a given issue and support faster issue updates and triage. Some of the notable improvements include:

  • Visual grouping of people and dates
  • Collapsible sections and fields
  • Attached image preview gallery

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Issue operations bar

The new-look issue screen puts issue operations on the top of the screen (instead of on the left) in a menu-based toolbar that is always available no matter how far you scroll down the page. It’s a big change, and a huge time-saver!
Common operations are now emphasized more prominently, including:

  • Adding a comment
  • Workflow transitions
  • Adding attachments
  • and more!

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More new issue features in Jira Studio 2.2

On top of the features highlighted in these blog posts, there are a bunch of additional features to check out:

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Jira Studio 2.2 New Feature Highlights – Fas...