Last week, the Eclipse Foundation has released the results of the Eclipse Community Survey 2011. It’s really interesting to see how the Eclipse community uses Eclipse and other software development tools. As you would expect, open source tools dominate the responses in almost every category except, of course, for one..

Jira for Change Management

It’s awesome to see nearly a quarter of the survey respondents – 24.7% to be exact – use Jira as their primary change management system


We’re excited to see such a significant jump since the 2010 survey where only 16.3% used Jira. Ian Skerrett, Director of Marketing for the Eclipse Foundation, is equally impressed with Jira’s adoption:

2. Jira must be one of the most successful commercial developer tools

Atlassian Jira continues to grow in popularity with Eclipse users.   Jira now has 24.7% adoption in the Eclipse community compared to 16.5% using Bugzilla.  Last year Jira and Bugzilla were almost equally used.   What I find impressive is that Jira is one of the few commercial developer products that shows up in the survey as being widely used.

Supporting the Open Source community

OS License.png

Atlassian has always been a huge supporter of open source development, providing free open source and community licenses for all of our products.

We’re extremely proud to help such a vibrant and growing community of developers.

About the Eclipse Community Survey 2011

Eclipse is a large, vibrant, well-established open source community with over 200 open source projects, close to 1,000 committers, 170-plus member companies, thousands of companies embedding Eclipse into products and applications, and million of users.

Check out the full Open Source Developer Report for all the details.

Jira supporting change in the Eclipse community...