Updated: Check out Top 5 Reasons Pivotal Users GO Jira!

The latest release of Pivotal Tracker includes support for a number of issue trackers, including our very own Jira.

Setting integration up is easy enough (instructions here), just make sure to allow remote API calls in your Jira general configuration settings. It’s a one way integration, meaning you can manipulate issues from Jira in Pivotal, but not the other way around.

How Jira Works With Pivotal

As soon as you move a Jira issue from your ‘Jira’ column to any other in Pivotal, a comment is added to the Jira issue explaining what action was taken.

Finishing an issue will change it’s status to ‘Closed’ in Jira. Only the default Jira workflow is supported at this time, so if you’re using a custom workflow, the change in Pivotal won’t be reflected in the status of the Jira issue.

Check out the screenshots below, and leave a comment if you’ve checked it out for yourself!

Integration Screenshots

jira in pivotal.jpg

pivotal in jira.jpg

Jira Integration with Pivotal Tracker...