As I recently mentioned , you can now get a Personal license for Jira for free! Gratis! Zero dollars. No Dinero! Gratuit!
But what can you do with free, personal Jira?
Well, there were lots of good suggestion in JRA-10393, such as using Personal Jira to learn, or to develop a plug-in. And I’m sure, with over 275 Personal Licenses already generated in just the first two weeks, lots of people are doing just that.

Track Personal Projects

Or you can be like Andy Bang (father of Christina Bang, one of our Pre-Sales Engineers). Andy will use his Personal Jira to track work against two personal websites he maintains, one for a Boy Scout troop, and the other for a Rugby team. Andy loves Jira, but has to use another bug tracker at work (I feel your pain, Andy), and doesn’t want to track personal tasks there, so he’s installed a server in his house, and will have Jira and Subversion running there shortly.

Moving? Use Jira?

Or follow Julia Westen’s lead. I noticed Julia Twittering about her Personal Jira:
Julia Tweet1.png
Julia was kind enough to give me all the details, too. Here is what she had to say:

At work we use Jira, Confluence and Bamboo as part of our daily workflow. (We are also doing a trial of Fisheye and Crucible!) So, I was already familiar with Jira and how good it can be for task/issue tracking.
Anyhow, when I found myself with overwhelming mental lists, a bunch of emails I was trying to keep track of, a bunch of random papers and at least one large project (buying a house), I realized that Jira would be the perfect solution. And, not just for the current project of moving house but also for future things we want to do. I remembered that my husband had told me recently you had personal licenses (he’s the one at work who has convinced everyone to use Atlassian products).
So, we installed that on the server we have space on and we have one project, Home, right now. I just started putting in tickets yesterday and I’ve got 32 so far! I’ve used components for Home Maintenance and Improvements, various move categories (utility setup, getting to closing, physical move, other) and a general other. I can see me using this for keeping track of lots of things (I could possibly even use it for keeping track of who’s left to buy Christmas presents for — hey if you’ve got it, why not use it?) especially all the things I want to do that I’ll forget otherwise.

Got a great idea for your Personal Jira? Go get your license, and let me know what you do!

The Case for Personal Jira...