Susan Worthy, my manager from a past job at ClearStory Systems, pinged me the other day regarding their development team’s switch to Jira. Somehow, the switch to Jira caught the attention of the CEO and, long story short, Jira went from being just a bug tracker to an entire project management tool.

While Susan and I had discussed Confluence for knowledge management before, she had no idea that Jira was an Atlassian product.

Here’s the kicker. I knew of the brand name “Confluence” from our conversations. I had no idea that Jira = Atlassian.
So basically . . . again . . . YOU ROCK!

It’s not often that I rock, so I had share. 😉
I asked if I could quote her entire email about Jira; she said yes, but then Hank Nelson, the CEO, decided to write a blurb himself. Thanks, Hank!

My development team selected Jira to replace Bug Impact and to provide an increased level of management. We were severely struggling with a major product release and continually missing milestone dates and not completely understanding the ramifications of some our decisions on the ultimate release date. We were becoming demoralized and clients were banging at our door for the new modules that we had promised them.

I personally dove into the abilities of Jira and very quickly realized that we had only touched on the product’s abilities. We focused our efforts for a few days on Jira and were able to completely outline the remaining tasks and timelines. Using Jira we were able to assess the inevitable trade offs in an effective, real time manner. Although we will be a few weeks late, using Jira has allowed us to determine the realities of our project and set reasonable expectations.

We will be expanding Jira’a capabilities to other aspects of product management and areas of the company.

Jira Offers Clarity at ClearStory...