This past weekend, I was at iOSDevCamp 2011 to talk about the new alpha of Jira Mobile Connect for iOS and offer a free hosted Jira project to anyone who wants to play around with it.


It is very exciting to see the energy and excitement around the mobile development showing no signs of letting up. What’s even cooler is increasing thirst for killer development tools to support the growing community.

iOSDevCamp 2011


Over 400 mobile app developers descended upon the PayPal offices in San Jose, CA to hack on some killer iPhone and iPad apps. The sixth edition of this event was the largest yet with a record number of 78 Hackathon submissions.

We even had one of our own Atlassian’s, Nick Pellow, hacking with the Appsterdam Satellite team.

Nick will also be speaking about Jira Mobile Connect in 2 weeks at Appsterdam Weekly Wednesday Lunchtime Lectures (details coming soon).

Avoiding One-Star Hell

Although few would admit to it publicly, many of the mobile application developers at iOSDevCamp 2011 indicated that they had received at least one “One-star rating” on iTunes due to poor user experience. The most frustrating thing about this type of feedback – besides being public – is that it’s usually vague and there is no way to reach out to that user to find out what really happened.

That’s where Jira Mobile Connect comes in to provide an easy way for mobile application developers to get quality user feedback and avoid the dreaded “One-Star Hell”.

Check out the slide from my preso, including the full demo video:

Jira Mobile Connect for iOS

If you’re not familiar with Jira Mobile Connect, it’s a free, open-source library for you to collect crash reports and feedback from your mobile application users.

Key features of Jira Mobile Connect include:

  • Automatic crash reports – If your app crashes, JMC will automatically prompt the user to send an instant crash report once the app reopens.
  • Feedback with contextual detail – Crash reports are accompanied by application and environment details – including GPS location, device, OS, and orientation information. Users can also include annotated screenshots and audio recordings.
  • Two-way conversations – Send in-app messages directly to your end-users to gather more details and follow up on fixes.
  • Stats and reports – All feedback data is collected within Jira for easy reporting.

How do I get JMC in my app?

It’s pretty simple to add Jira Mobile Connect to your application:

  1. Get the code for Jira Mobile Connect from Bitbucket
  2. Add the Jira Mobile Connect plugin to Jira
  3. Point your app to your Jira instance

Don’t have Jira, yet? We’ve got you covered. Sign-up for a free hosted Jira project and you’ll be ready to try Jira Mobile Connect.


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