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I’m happy to announce the public beta of Jira Mobile Connect. We received some great feedback from the initial set of alpha testers and after showing Jira Mobile Connect at recent evenets – including iOSDevCamp 2011 and

As a result, we have made several improvements and released the beta of Jira Mobile Connect with the hope of getting it ready for product soon.

If you are not familiar with Jira Mobile Connect for iOS, it’s a FREE open source library that can be embedded into any iOS App to provide following extra functionality:

  • Real Time Crash Reporting – have users or testers submit crash reports directly to your Jira instance
  • User or Tester Feedback – views for allowing users or testers to create a bug report within your app.
  • 2-way Communication with Users – thank your users or testers for providing feedback on your App!

Jira Mobile Connect Beta

This release includes several updates and improvements to get us closer to production readiness, including:

  • Crash report mapping to any Jira issue type
  • Namespace changes
  • Performance updates
  • Configuration enhancements
  • And more..

Get a hold of the latest Jira Mobile Connect library for iOS on Bitbucket and the updated Jira Mobile Connect plugin on the Atlassian Plugin Exchange


We’d love to get your feedback on the beta to help us improve it even further.

Get a FREE Jira Project for beta testing

Interested in playing around with Jira Mobile Connect, but don’t have Jira? We’ve got you covered… We’ll be providing free private projects on a hosted instance of Jira at This environment is pre-configured with the JMC Plugin, so all you need to do is point your app at it.

Sign up now and we will get you setup to start testing with Jira Mobile Connect.

Jira Mobile Connect now in beta – Get free h...