Aside from a small but vocal contingent of Eclipse users1, the majority of Atlassian developers use IntelliJ IDEA as their IDE of choice.

I’m not sure whether this is a new feature in IDEA 7, but it’s pretty cool: automatic linking of Jira issues in version control commit messages back to the Jira instance of your choice.

I also love the new incoming changes view, where the Jira links appear. It gives me an excellent summary of changes happening to the code by other developers, letting me review the other changes before merging.

Screenshot of project settings showing issue navigator options
Configure it in your project’s Version Control tab

Screenshot of incoming changes view with Jira issues hyperlinked
Issues hyperlinked to Jira in remote repository view and other version control screens

1 Occasionally the Eclipse guys post troll comments on our internal blogs making fun of the different key combinations IDEA uses for code completion. (back)

Jira issues linking in IDEA 7 change view