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There is little rest for the team working on the Jira Importers Plugin. Subsequent to enhancing the Bugzilla support in version 1.4, Pawel and Wojtek have helped get the plugin bundled with Jira 4.2.2.

importers-15.pngIn the latest release of version 1.5, they have also added support for the following:

  • Mantis versions 1.1.8 to 1.2.4
  • Comma-separated value (CSV) files

The importer includes a simple wizard to walk you through the entire import process including:

  • Creating new projects, users and custom fields
  • Mapping fields
  • Mapping field values
  • Filling in / clearing out / overriding fields
  • Monitoring import progress

Check out some of the screenshots from the new CSV importer:


Map CSV columns to Jira fields

importer-values.pngMap CSV field values to Jira and override select fields as necessary


Monitor importer progress

Get the Jira Importers Plugin

As mentioned above, the Jira Importers Plugin 1.4 is bundled with Jira 4.2.2.

Customers requiring Mantis or CSV support (or running Jira 4.2.0 or 4.2.1) can download and install Jira Importers Plugin 1.5 via the Universal Plugin Manager (UPM) – just search for ‘importers’, ‘Bugzilla’ or ‘Mantis’.

Feedback can be directed to the Jira Importers Plugin project, aka JIM.

Jira Importers Plugin 1.5 adds Mantis & CSV su...