Look out world, here comes a brilliant OpenSocial gadget for Jira that is nothing short of amazing and will beguile you with its powers.
Xobni, the company that makes your Microsoft Outlook in-box a whole lot smarter, has released a slew of new OpenSocial gadgets today, including a gadget for Jira. The gadget displays -​ with real time updated data -​ your Jira issues. Not just a summary of the issue, but all the important information you need to read the ticket and decide what to do next, like comments and attachments. And, from within the email, you can open, close, comment, or transition the Jira issue -​ without ever leaving Outlook.
For example, when you get an email with a Jira issue key inside, all the information about that issue will be included -​ status, priority, description, assignee, etc.. From within Outlook, you can review an open issue in Jira and then comment on it directly. The comment is immediately submitted to Jira. You can also transition the issue from Resolved to Closed, and Jira will be updated instantly and the issue will be closed.
Now let’s say you go on vacation and come back a week later to find your in-box full of notifications and emails about the project. You open an email -​ it’s a week old now -​ and to your utter amazement, the Jira gadget displays the current status of the issue. No more clicking through to see what the current status is — it’s right in your in-box. Efficiency gurus take note: this gadget will save your team a bucket of time.
To learn more about the new Xobni gadget visit the Xobni Gadget Store.

Jira gadget for Microsoft Outlook. In a word: awes...