One of the great things about talking with customers is hearing how they are using our products in ways they hadn’t originally anticipated. Take Mazeppa, one of Norway’s leading consultancies for ERP systems and telecom solutions to many of the country’s largest industrial companies. Mazeppa started using Jira for bug tracking but discovered it could do a whole lot more.
It became an “indispensable part of our customer relations,” wrote Nigel Parker of Mazeppa in an email he sent us. Jira became a conduit for communicating with customers. By gaining access to Jira, customers can submit features and requests and then track the status of their requests. The good news is that even with so many customers using Jira, they haven’t had problems rolling it out. As Nigel says, “We like the way nobody needs training to use it.” Good to hear and thanks for letting us tell the Jira user community about it!

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