cfc_logo.pngJira is set to rock the bug tracking, agile, ALM and project management world with a release so big that we call it four-point-OH. We’re spending thousands of development hours to turn Jira 4.0 into our biggest product release ever, and we really want the non-Jira users, the unconverted and non-believers out there, to make the move to Jira 4.0 come launch day in October.

That’s why we’ve created our own Cash for Clunkers program (USA readers will know the origins of this name but for all other readers, you can learn about the origin here). Now is a great time to trade in your old, inefficient bug tracker for a free 10-user license of Jira 4.0 or 20% off Jira 4.0, and a chance to win US $4000 cash.

Top 10 reasons you know it’s time to trade-in your current model

  1. Adding a ‘Story Points’ field took 6 months and two developers to code.
  2. It’s written in Fortran and COBOL with a VisualBASIC front-end.
  3. Open source evangelists recommend the project should be shut down.
  4. It’s sold in a suite of 40 other tools.
  5. Microsoft threw it in for free with another purchase.
  6. You’re paying six figures in maintenance for a product that was last updated in 1996.
  7. Your bug tracker was written on weekends by a guy in your IT department.
  8. It’s a white board in the lunch room (“Do not erase”).
  9. You hit Submit, go get coffee and when you return it’s still “thinking.”
  10. Your dashboard looks like this: 

You’ve been Clunked

Here’s how you can trade-in your clunker for ‘cash’:

  • Upload a screenshot of your clunker and tell us why, in 50 words or less, you are trading it in.
  • Pick a free 10-user license of Jira 4.0 or 20% off Jira 4.0.
  • When Jira 4.0 is available in October, we’ll send you your free 10-user license or 20% discount coupon code.
  • Each submission is entered into our “Best Submission” contest, with a chance to win our US $4,000 grand prize

Cash in your clunker now.

(Promotion has ended. Thanks to everyone who entered!)

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