The Jira developer community has struck again.
Our friends in Poland, 224 Team, have put together a Google Wave robot that allows for some pretty cool Jira integration.

The Pitch

Once the Jira bot is added as a participant to your wave, it will start looking through existing wave content for Jira issue keys. When it finds one, it will replace it with a gadget containing issue details.
This is a great way to include some Jira context in a wave without breaking the flow of conversation. Just throw in the issue key and you’ve got your Jira issue, front and center.

How it Works

  1. Add to your Google Wave contact list.
  2. Create a new wave and add ‘Atlassy’ to it as a participant:
    Google Wave 1.jpg

  3. Include a Jira issue key anywhere in the wave.
    Google Wave 2.jpg

  4. Once you hit done, the bot will find the issue key and replace it with a summary of the issue details.
    Google Wave 3.jpg

That’s it! Try it out for yourself, and leave suggestions or comments in the creator’s feedback wave. It’s still in development, and any input from users would be very much appreciated by 224 Team.

Want more integration?

Make sure to keep an eye on the blog, I’ll be posting again soon on other Wave integration points, including our OpenSocial gadgets.


Jira Bot for Google Wave