A few Jira-related blogs came across the radar today:
Presenting at JA-SIG Summer ’07
Patrick Berry is giving two presentations at JA-SIG, one on Rails Development and the other on Jira:

As technology workers and managers we often have more things to do than we have time, so we are constantly on the lookout for time savers. They say that time is money and we all know that to make money you have to spend money. A similar concept applies to time in that you have to spend time to save time. We’ll look at how Jira helps you do this, but also focus on how to implement Jira to make sure it’s a success.

Abstracts for both presentations are here.
Best Tool for Bug and Issue Tracking is Jira
Chris wrote a truly awesome review of Jira.

I highly highly recommend it – its an amazing product and the team behind it provides great support and rapid response. They’re also highly supportive of charity and open-source organizations – if you ask nicely, they’ll give you an enterprise license to their products for free!

Thanks, Chris!

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