Our recent acquisition of SysBliss brought two new plugins into the Atlassian family, and we’re making them available for free.

These plugins give Jira users an opportunity to customize their workflow in minutes and automate their release management process. We already blogged about the Jira Workflow Designer plugin last week, now let’s talk about the Bamboo Release Management plugin.

Introducing the Bamboo Release Management Plugin

The Bamboo Release Management plugin, which is bundled free with Bamboo, involves:

  • Jira for bug tracking and version management.
  • Bamboo continuous integration server automates the building, testing and deployment of your software.
  • Free Atlassian Bamboo Release Management plugin is the glue that holds everything together to complete your release management process with Jira and Bamboo.

The Bamboo Release Management Plugin lets you integrate Bamboo and Jira to create an automated process for ongoing development, testing, and release.

At the core is the ability to connect your Bamboo continuous integration server to Jira during a build to determine which Jira version to label a build as. This means that you can manage version labels simply by using Jira’s version management system.


Additionally, with one-click you can tag builds, branch to the next version and release versions in Jira automatically.


Live Demonstration

Interested in learning more about using Jira and Bamboo for your release management process?  Come check out the Release Management demonstration with Jonathan Doklovic (creator of the Release Management plugin) and hear about how a customer has setup Jira, Bamboo, and the Release Management plugin.


Learn More!

Learn more about the Bamboo Release Management plugin:

  • Tutorial on setting up Jira and Bamboo with the Bamboo Release Management plugin

New to Bamboo?

Thinking of ramping up your release management process? Download a free 30-day trial of Bamboo to get started.

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