On the back of Atlassian’s attendance at Google I/O 2010, this is our second guest blog post highlighting Android based Jira clients. This post comes from Sena Gbeckor-Kove of ImKon. If you missed it, you may also be interested in the first Jira Android guest blog post.

Jira Mobile (Android)
Those of you who have been following the Jira Mobile project may have noticed a recent hiatus. We’ve been concentrating on a number of other projects but we’ve turned our attention back to Jira Mobile to add support for Android. We have good news too: Jira Mobile for Android is now in public beta and is now available within the Android Market on any Android phone.


jira-mobile-android-bug-tracking.png               jira-mobile-android-bug-tracker.png

The final version of Jira Mobile (Android) is scheduled for a July/August launch. In the meantime, we’d welcome feedback on the Beta version that we have just released. Please note however that there are some known stability and UI issues, but we intend to iterate rapidly through these in the lead up to the release.
For iPhone users, Jira Mobile (iPhone) will also be receiving a major overhaul around the same time to handle Jira 4 and iPhone OS 4. An iPad version is also in the works.

Try it your Android: search the Android Market for Jira Mobile

Jira Mobile goes Android. More bug tracking for Android devices.