I am happy to announce that we have just released Jira 4 Beta 3. This release continues to build upon the 450+ fixes and enhancements to Jira, including several UI and navigational improvements like the new banner:
and project browser:
Check out the full release notes for all the details.

Download Beta 3 today!

Download the latest beta of Jira 4 and read the Jira 4 Beta Release Notes for more information. We also continue to add more documentation for Jira 4.0 including the Jira 4.0 Upgrade Guide.
Note: This release requires a new license (any existing Beta 1, Beta 2, or Jira 3.x license files will not work with Jira 4.0 Beta 3). You will need to go to my.atlassian.com and generate a new “Jira 4 Evaluation” license.

Give us your feedback

Kick the tires yourself and let us know what you think by submitting issues / ideas on our public instance of Jira.

Jira 4 – Beta 3 now available...