The Jira developers have been hard at work on version 4.4, and today we’re happy to announce the availability of milestone 3 via the Early Access Program. There are lots of great Jira improvements to check out in this milestone, so read on.

The Workflow Designer

Since we acquired the Jira Workflow Designer plugin late last year, our dev team has been hard at work integrating it into Jira. A few notable — and awesome — changes made it into this milestone.

First, when viewing a list of the workflows in your instance, you’ll notice a new link for each workflow that takes you directly into the Workflow Designer to start editing it:


If you’ve used the Workflow Designer plugin before, you’ll notice that it’s undergone a bit of a makeover. We’ve redesigned it to look more like Jira, and it no longer takes you out of the Administration console. We’ve also added a slide-out drawer on the left that hides some of the functions when not in use to save space.


Lastly, there’s a new action accessible from the “More Actions” dropdown menu of Jira issues: “View Workflow”. It shows the user an image of the workflow the issue is in (there’s also a new permission to go along with this feature: “View Read-Only Workflow”).


Note: Only the current workflow state should be highlighted yellow, the “Create Issue” highlighting is a bug.


Being able to view what stage of the workflow issues are in can help users decide how to transition them, help new users understand workflow concepts, and, frankly, is just cool.

Your Votes at Work

The Jira team has already made major progress on two of Jira’s most voted for feature requests on our public Jira instance. Put together, these two issues will satisfy almost 700 of your votes.

User Time Zones

User time zones is currently the fifth most voted for feature request with 440 votes. The Jira team has made major progress on this in Milestone 3, adding the ability for users to set their time zones in their user profiles, and for admins to set a default user time zone.

Not all date/time fields in this Jira build support these new time zone settings, but the team is hard at work to deliver a complete solution in the 4.4 official release. Check out the Jira 4.4 EAP3 Release Notes for time zone configuration instructions.

Editable Options for Custom Fields

Editable Options for Custom Fields is currently number 15 on the most voted for feature request list with 244 votes. Previously, you couldn’t edit a custom field’s properties without having to recreate it entirely. Jira 4.4 EAP3 allows you to edit the options for custom fields of the following field types:

  • Select List
  • Multi Select
  • Cascading Select
  • Radio Buttons
  • Multi Checkboxes

What Else?

  • Improved Setup Wizard — the setup screens you see when you first get Jira up and running have gotten a makeover, with some new functionality introduced as well.
  • Database Connection Now Included In Setup — connecting to a database is now part of the standard setup wizard.
  • Improved installers for Linux and Windows
  • And more!

Try it Out

We hope you’re as excited as we are about the Jira 4.4 launch, and we’d love for you to download the milestone 3 build, try it out, and give us feedback via our public Jira instance!

Check out the release notes for a full run-down of the improvements in this build.

Standard EAP disclaimer applies: this is not intended to be used in production instances, and there will be no supported upgrade path until Jira 4.4 officially launches.

Jira 4.4 Milestone 3 – Early Access Preview