If you haven’t played with Jira 4.4 yet, you are missing out! As an end user of Jira every day, this is what I love most about Jira 4.4.

Queries Galore

A few weeks ago I highlighted the JQL functions that have been added. Search change history opens up a whole new world of data to Jira search, so if queries are what get you out of bed in the morning, head back to the sneak peek blog post and video, or hit up the Jira sandbox to play. New searches include ‘who did what‘ (status WAS Resolved by cbang) and new date operators (assignee WAS cbang ON “30/06/2011”).

Feed Me Seymour

Jira 4.4 activity stream.jpgPersonally, I’m more of a facebook-feed type of girl, so the newly improved Activity Streams are awesome. Bottom line – Activity Streams in Jira 4.4:

  1. present valuable information in easily consumable ways
  2. let you filter down to just the items you care about
  3. let you take action directly from the Stream

If you write your own plugins or develop integrations with other tools, Activity Streams are pluggable: plugin developers insert content into the aggregated feeds via a Streams Provider Plugin. Filtering is supported for pluggable content. A few ways we’re using the new streams around the Atlassian office:

  • Out of many, one: a single stream of changes from all projects related to a specific platform
  • Tell me when it’s done: show only resolved issues
  • What happened while I was gone?: see a specific time range
  • What has Bob been up to?: a per-user, per-project filter to see what the n00b has been doing
  • PM view: filter to only show activity on Stories and Epics

You’ve Got Mail

Even if you’re using 4.4, you may not have seen the cool new emails yet – depending on your profile settings. Login to Jira, click your username to go to ‘profile’ and change email settings from Text to HTML. You’ll end up with emails that look like this!

email HTML.jpg

Time Zone Matters

In case you missed the keynote at Summit, the best thing about User Time Zones is that we didn’t just change how time displays. Contextual information with icons helps you make better decisions from a glance. Knowing whether a user is currently in night or day sets expectations and helps you decide who to assign a particular issue to.

Our Support team loves this – they use the ‘follow the sun’ method of taking tickets from their own working time zone – so the Support Engineer who takes your ticket has similar working hours to you. Understanding working hours and expectations makes sense for any team with people in time zones around the globe.

JRA-9 image.jpg

Out in the Wild

Jira 4.4 has been out for just a week now, but upgrades off the charts! If you haven’t upgraded your own instance yet, get to it – and don’t take our word for it… upgrading is easy!


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