Last time I wrote about the end user features that I love most in Jira 4.4. All users will enjoy the new search parameters, updated activity streams and emails, and user time zones: useful information so everyone can find what they are looking for and get things done.

As exciting as all the end user updates are for Jira 4.4, project administration holds a special place in my heart. The Jira Admin UI has gone through a complete refresh with your time in mind.

Simplicity & Productivity

Jumping into the new dedicated Administration mode brings a whole new Jira interface: top bar navigation and a special Admin Quick Search make it easy to jump to any section.


Simplicity and Productivity have been central themes in Atlassian development since Jira 4.0. From the dashboard to issues, then search and navigation, the Jira dev team works hard to put useful information in the best places and adding features like keyboard shortcuts to make work in Jira fast and easy.

Usability is important in any tool – but with Jira at the center of development teams all over the world, saving time makes a huge difference as customers use Atlassian tools to do great things and make cool stuff.


Within individual projects, all the objects (issue types, workflows, permissions, etc) associated with that project are front and center; no need to click around to find information. Admins who are new to a project or haven’t made changes in a while need just a glance to understand everything happening around any particular project in Jira. Bryan Rollins, Jira Product Manager, told the story best during the Jira State of the Union at Summit 2011:

For those new to Jira, or starting a new instance on Jira 4.4 from scratch (no projects or data), panels at the top of Admin will guide through creating projects, and even point to the new in-product video about how objects in Jira relate to one another.


More to Come

Stay tuned for a technical post on the Atlassian Developer Blog coming soon about why we wrote this new Admin UI as a plugin and what we love about that strategy. In the meantime, upgrade to Jira 4.4 so you can take advantage of the awesome new Administration!


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