Frequent releases are a characteristic of how we do things here at Atlassian. These milestones releases are available via the Early Access Program (EAP) and they come thick and fast for most of our products. The Jira team has been a little hit and miss with releasing regular milestone builds, but we are determined to change this.  For the Jira 4.3 development cycle, we plan to release a new milestone every two weeks. Of course, these milestones represent a point in time in the development cycle of the current release and they should never be used in production.

Jira 4.3 Milestone 1

Last week’s release of Jira 4.3 Milestone 1 (a.k.a 4.3 EAP 1) is worth the price of admission for two reasons:

  1. REST – The REST API continues to evolve with the addition of an endpoint that provides issue search and an endpoint that provides a list of projects.
  2. LDAP – This milestone introduces support for direct connectivity between Jira and LDAP to retrieve user and group information (the 6th most voted for feature in Jira).

Note: At this time Jira 4.3 M1 is able to connect to several types of LDAP directories; however, Jira is currently not able to connect to Atlassian Crowd. Support for connecting to Atlassian Crowd will be delivered in future 4.3 milestones.

For information on how to configure Jira to connect to LDAP please review the Release Notes and Upgrade Guide for this 4.3 milestone. We will definitely be posting more details on this exciting feature in the near future.

jira-paper-prototyping.pngImproving the Jira experience

There is plenty more going on within the Jira team. The Jira user experience theme of the 4.1 and 4.2 releases continues in Jira 4.3. As we pass the first anniversary of the user experience journey, we are trying different techniques, like paper prototyping, to ensure we deliver a lustworthy product to our customers. This technique is proving very helpful as we wage war on the complexities of the Jira Administration interface.

More to come soon.. stay tuned!

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Jira 4.3 Milestone 1 – Early Access Preview