This post is the third in a series of “deep dives” into the latest
version of Jira. The first posts talked about the Jira experience and operation dialogs.  Stay tuned to the Jira Blog for more details on Jira

Jira keyboard shortcuts were introduced for global navigation and issue actions in Jira 4 and 4.1, respectively.  In this latest release, we really took mouse-less productivity to another level by introducing the operations dialog and extending keyboard controls to the issue search page and GreenHopper planning board for a unified experience throughout Jira.

Jira Keyboard Shortcuts

greenhopper-53-keyboard-shortcuts.jpgAnyone familiar with Gmail or Twitter keyboard shortcuts – which are both loosely based on the original visual text editor, Vi – will find it simple to navigate Jira and work through issues without a mouse.

If you have yet to try them out, just hit ‘?’ at any time to see all available commands, or review this quick summary:

Navigating Jira

Quickly jump to any tab in Jira, by combining the ‘g’ with the first first letter of the tab name. 

  • g then d– go to Dashboards
  • g then p– go to Projects
  • g then i – go to Issues

If you are using GreenHopper, navigate the boards similarly:

  • g then a – go to Planning Board (uses Agile since p was taken)
  • g then t – go to Task Board
  • g then c – go to Chart Board
  • g then r – go to Release Board

Other global commands include:

  • cCreate issue
  • / – jump to Quick Search

Working Issue Lists

When working with a list of issues – from either the search results page or issue details, or GreenHopper planning board – you can navigate issues using:

  • j/k – Next / previous issue
  • o or ‘Enter’ – Open issue
  • u – Back to issue list
  • [ – toggle left-had sidebar
  • jira-42-issue-triage.jpgfFocus on search field

Take action on the highlighted issue using:

  • e- Edit issue
  • a – Assign issue
  • m – Comment on issue
  • l – Label issue
  • . – Launch the Operations dialog for more actions

Mastering the Operations Dialog

The Operations dialog makes every issue action and workflow transition – including pluggable actions and custom workflows – available via the keyboard. Simply hit ‘.’ and start typing the name of the action you wish to perform.

Here are a few examples:

  • Type ‘.lo’ – to Log Work on an issue
  • Type ‘.fil’ – to Attach files to an issue
  • Type ‘.tas’ – to view issue on the Task Board
  • Type ‘.s’ – to Start Progress on an issue


Pull up the Operations dialog from the issue details page as well as any search results or GreenHopper planning board. 

Using Agile Shortcuts

In addition to the all of the issue shortcuts mentioned above, the GreenHopper Planning Board also provides the following commands:

  • bBoard search
  • ] – toggle right-had sidebar (with boxes for versions, components or assignees)
  • n/pNext / previous box
  • x – Expand / collapse box
  • tToggle from list to card view
  • w – Edit card priority
  • dDelete issue

Productivity wins

For those of us using Jira – or any app for that matter – on a daily basis, mouse-less controls are essential for quickly managing a high volume of tasks.  Jira keyboard shortcuts have significantly changed the way we triage newly filed bugs, manage inbound work queues and product backlogs. 

What do you use keyboard shortcuts for?  Share your story in the comments below.

We’ll be sharing more of our Jira 4.2 stories in the New Year, so stay tuned to the Jira Blog. Check out the Jira 4.2 Release Notes to learn more about all the new features in this release.

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Jira 4.2 Deep Dive – Keyboard Shortcuts