jira4.pngIn case you missed the excitement, this month we released a major version of Jira. Jira 4.0 has a number of totally new features like JQL, a structured query language that let’s lets you find issues using a really simple syntax. But of all the new features and hundreds of bug-fixes in Jira 4, there’s one new feature of particular importance to Confluence customers…OpenSocial dashboards.
Jira 4.0 brings a complete OpenSocial gadget container to your company…think iGoogle meets issue tracking. Gadgets written for the OpenSocial specification (and there are thousands) can be added to your Jira dashboard in just a couple clicks. Furthermore, every portlet in Jira, like the Jira activity stream or Created vs resolved chart or Jira issues calendar is now an OpenSocial gadget.
Tons of New Content for Confluence
Confluence 3.1 will have the ability to consume OpenSocial gadgets. Confluence administrators will be able to register pretty much any gadget (either from other Atlassian products or even from elsewhere on the web) and end-users will see be able to safely drop them onto the page from the Macro Browser.
Since most Atlassian products, like GreenHopper, Fisheye, Crucible and Bamboo produce OpenSocial gadgets, Confluence 3.1 will open the floodgates to all kinds of new content you can drop into your wiki.
Bring Confluence Anywhere
Not only will Confluence 3.1 be able to consume gadgets but it will also be able to produce them. With Confluence 3.1, you’ll be able to add Confluence content, like Confluence activity streams and Confluence search onto your Jira dashboard. Or add them to other OpenSocial containers, like iGoogle or Gmail.
Jira Gadgets.pngAn Emerging Standard
The best thing about OpenSocial is that it is a standard. A gadget written to the spec will work in any OpenSocial container be it Confluence, Jira or iGoogle. While OpenSocial is in its infancy within the enterprise, it’s poised to explode as more vendors, customers and 3rd party developers embrace it. 2010 is shaping up to be the year of Enterprise OpenSocial and Atlassian is excited to be at the forefront.
Check out Jira 4
While we put the finishing touches on Confluence 3.1, check out Jira 4 to get a glimpse of our gadgets and what’s possible with OpenSocial. If you don’t feel like installing the software yourself we have online trials and even an open sandbox complete with a guided tour.

Jira 4.0 gadgets coming soon to Confluence...