Dear Jira Users,
We are happy to deliver Jira 3.9 only eight weeks after 3.8. The Jira Team have been making as many improvements as we possibly can in this time-frame. We really hope you enjoy this release.
Jira 3.9 includes two very popular features:
– The ability to convert an issue to a sub-task (and back again). Converting issues to sub-tasks has been one of the most popular features for a while. We are very happy to deliver this feature in this release.
– Much more fine-grained permissions for the deletion of comments and attachments. Building on the functionality we introduced in Jira 3.8 of allowing users to edit their own comments (or all comments), in Jira 3.9 it is possible to grant users permission to delete just their own comments, just their own attachments, all comments or all attachments. In the past these permissions were tied up with permission to delete an issue.
Other improvements include:
– A more user-friendly Filter subscription scheduler. With the new scheduler, it is now very easy to select the days (for example, certain days of the week or month) and the exact time the filter results should be emailed. If you would like to receive filter results only between certain hours, the new scheduler will let you do that as well. Additionally, for advanced users, we have included support for full “cron” scheduling.
– To keep Jira pages loading as quickly as possible, we have greatly improved the performance of permission checks against Project Roles. If you have taken advantage of Project Roles, which were introduced in Jira 3.7, and now have projects with hundreds of role members, Jira 3.9 should speed things up. This improvement will be most noticeable on pages such as the Jira Dashboard, especially if Jira is often accessed by many users at the same time.
A special thanks is due to Matt and Imran for their help in finding (Project Role Permission check performance)
Jira 3.9 can be downloaded from:
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