Dear Jira Users,
We are happy to deliver Jira 3.8 only 3 months after Jira 3.7. In Jira 3.8 we have implemented one of the most popular features, Editable Comments; made Jira much easier to install and run on Windows via a Windows Installer; built a more robust integration with Atlassian Crowd (our identity management system); and are hoping to help fight evil spammers by using CAPTCHA.
Jira 3.8 also ships with a “feature preview”: AJAX-loading of screens for common issue operations (e.g. Edit Issue, Resolve Issue). We are experimenting with AJAX, and seeing if we can use it to speed up the most frequently performed operations in Jira. As we have not yet quite ironed out all the problems, the feature is disabled by default; but it should work in most cases, and therefore we encourage you to enable it and let us know what you think:
We are especially looking for feedback on whether you think this is a worthwhile improvement.
As you may note, Jira 3.8 is a fairly small release in terms of new features. The reason for this is that Jira 3.7 was released on 18th December 2006, after an 8-month development cycle. It was very painful for us to make you wait that long for a new Jira release, and made us feel we were in danger of losing momentum. Therefore, for the next 6 months we have decided to shoot for much more frequent, but smaller releases, each taking about 8 weeks. We hope that smaller releases will allow us to better concentrate on delivering relevant functionality and answering your needs.
We understand that it might be inconvenient to upgrade Jira that frequently, so we will take special care to include enough information in our Release Notes to let you decide whether the release contains the features you are after.
If you are using Confluence, you are probably aware that due to some crazy coincidence the Confluence team was experiencing similar problems with their development cycles, and so they also are now aiming for much shorter release cycles. If you are interested to know more, please see Charles’ blog:
Jira 3.8 can be downloaded from:
The full release notes are available at:

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