Wow, it has been quite a while since we have made a Jira release, and the Jira team have been hard at work. This release we are proud to deliver over 100 bug fixes and more than 60 improvements and new features.
A lot of effort this release has been dedicated to developing Project Roles, which we hope will greatly reduce the headache of Jira administration. Project Roles should greatly reduce the number of user groups, permission and notification schemes in the system. This feature should also place more power in the hands of a Project Administrator, rather than the Global Jira Admin.
To save you time, we have also worked hard on making the upgrade path from user groups to Project Roles as automated as possible. When playing with 3.7 Beta 2, please check out the Scheme Tools, and if possible see how they behave with your production data. We are especially looking for feedback in this area of Jira.
We have also spent quite some time working on Jira’s performance. Jira 3.7 should handle many more concurrent searches, allow you to export thousands of issues to MS Excel, MS Word and as XML without problems, and load every page faster (especially the Dashboard).
Please have a look through the Release Notes for details on other new features and improvements, download Jira 3.7 Beta 2, and let me and the Team know how it works for you.
Jira 3.7 Beta 2 can be downloaded from:
The full release notes are available at:

Jira 3.7 Beta 2 Released...