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Sydney, Australia � February 18th 2005 � Atlassian Software Systems today announced the release of Jira 3.1, the latest release of the company’s flagship, professional issue tracking application. With over 80 new features, bug fixes and improvements, Jira 3.1 continues Atlassian�s commitment to frequent, quality software updates. Jira is now used by project managers, developers, managers, testers in over 2,500 organisations across 35 countries.
Managing a project’s issues, tasks and bugs is a critically important task, but it is one that few teams do effectively. Jira helps organisations take control of the issue tracking process by providing a simple, intuitive yet powerful web-based interface – highly usable by both technical and business users alike.
Jira 3.1 improves on the successful 3.0 release. Amongst the 80 new features, bug fixes and improvements, Jira 3.1 introduces customiseable CSV import capabilities, a much-improved SOAP and XML-RPC remote interface, and even more powerful plugin capabilities. In addition, this latest release improves performance and cross-browser compatibility.
NASA, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Boeing, Oracle, Novell, Samsung, Harvard, Stanford, MIT, 3M, BP, GE, Sony, AOL, Pixar, BMW, Pfizer, Vodafone, World Bank, United Nations, Citigroup, McDonalds and many, many more companies � over 2,500 in total � all take advantage of Jira�s flexibility to integrate it into their business.
Jira’s commitment to extensibility and interoperability allows it to integrate into any enterprise environment. Jira supports HTTP, SMTP, REST, RSS, full XML-RPC and SOAP interfaces, as well as allowing Java code to be deployed into the application, a plugin system to deploy extensions, and the ability to connect to the database directly via a published data model or use a full XML import/export facility. That’s 10 full data access methods for those out there keeping count.
Jira’s openness extends even to its innovative and fair licensing scheme. Jira’s per server licensing mean customers are not forced into per-user or per-project licensing models, and include 12 months of free support and updates. Commercial licenses also include full source access, ensuring complete transparency and enabling customers to customise Jira to their specific requirements.
Mike Cannon-Brookes, Atlassian’s CEO and member of the exclusive Who’s Who of Enterprise Java explains that it isn’t just Jira’s openness that attracts customers. “We compete with Open Source solutions every single day, with both our products. We’re used to it. Source access is one of a number of value points customers consider when purchasing. Price, service, features, ease of use and a host of other areas are all critical. Our success, and in particular Jira’s success, is attributable to the fact that our products frequently exceed expectations in all these areas.”
Jira really is exceeding the expectations of organisations. Thorsten Vogel of CodeRush said it best: “I have been working with Java since its release. Jira is the best software package I have found for managing issues. The quality of the Jira application itself is outstanding! Setup and configuration are very easy, and the interface is great. Performance is fantastic. I also get positive feedback from clients’ senior level management, they like the reports and capabilities. It seems you have created a close-to-perfect application! My clients love me for introducing Jira. Thank you for this unique product.” You can read more remarkable customer testimonials at: http://www.atlassian.com/c/PR-J/10613
With over 80 new features, bug fixes and improvements, Jira 3.1 presents an even stronger reason to evaluate Jira. To download a fully functional free evaluation, try an online demo, or just find out more visit:
To see the full Jira 3.1 release notes please visit:
Jira 3.1 is available now via Atlassian’s web site. Jira’s fair, upfront and equitable per-server licensing policy includes unlimited projects, users and issues, full source access plus free upgrades and support for 12 months. Jira is a J2EE, web-based application which runs on any platform and supports almost any database. Existing customers who wish to upgrade, or new users who wish to try out Confluence for 30 days can download either the standalone or WAR distributions from the Atlassian Jira website: http://www.atlassian.com/c/PR-J/10610
Atlassian is an innovative Australian software company providing enterprise software solutions to the world’s leading organizations. Our mission is to build a different kind of software company, one that listens to client needs, values innovation in development and solves customer problems with brilliant simplicity. Atlassian’s commitment to legendary service provides consistent, high quality support for all our customers. Atlassian also publishes Confluence – The Enterprise Wiki.
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Sales & Marketing Director
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