Today sees the launch of the Jira 2 Early Access Program.
This will give our users access to successive Jira 2 builds over the next month as we add more features.
WHY should I test it?
The early access program is a chance for you to see the next generation of Jira before it is released – but more importantly, a chance for you to shape it’s development with bug reports and feedback.
WHAT’S in it?
Over the last month we have greatly improved the architecture of the Jira core, which allows us to much more rapidly add new features. From here we’re aiming to have 2 or 3 releases each week.
You can also see the full planned feature list for Jira 2.
HOW stable is it?
The Release 1 download (below) should be fairly stable and reliable, and I would certainly recommend importing your existing data to play around with the new features and UI. The standalone version enables you to test and play with Jira 2 in seconds.
However we are not recommending you replace your Jira 1.4 installation just yet – be warned! Let us get a few EAP releases out first to ensure it is all stable for everyone 🙂
WHERE do I get it from?
Download Jira 2 EAP Release 1 from the EAP downloads page.

Jira 2 Early Access Program and Release 1