Announcing Release 2, the next release in the Jira 2 Early Access Program.

What’s New?

Release 2 includes a number of bug fixes over Release 1, mainly in the areas of importing Jira 1.x data and creating issues.

The major new features in this release are shareable / global filters, much improved filtering and searching UI (see below), a cleaner administration interface, ZIP file export/import and a few other minor tweaks.

For more details, see the full planned feature list for Jira 2 to track our progress.


You can download the EAP Release 2 from the EAP Downloads page.


Below are some screenshots illustrating the new Release 2 features.

View Filter
This image illustrates the new ‘context sensitive task bar’ that is displayed across the filter UI.

In the task bar you can see the details of the current filter, a clear summary of exactly what it contains and the operations you can perform on it (for example Save, Save As, Sharing, Rename and soon Subscription)

Manage Filters
The cleaner Manage Filters interface shows you a clear summary of all of your available filters.

You can share filters globally (ie with all users) or with a particular group of users (ie with your developers).

View Project
The view project interface has been improved to more clearly highlight the operations possible, and enable quicker access to the most used functions (such as ‘Create Version’).

Jira 2 – EAP Release 2