Jira 2.2 is released today in both Professional and Enterprise editions.
h2. New Features
(these are in both the Professional and Enterprise editions)
* New “Due Date” field – a new core field – “Due Date” – has been added. It is now possible to schedule issues.

* Editable Default Dashboard – it s now possible to customise the default dashboard.
* Restore Default Dashboard – it now possible to easily revert to the default dashboard from a customised one.
* Miscellaneous Dashboard Improvements – the Administration Portlet will only show up for Administrators and portlets previews have been added.
* Added Time Tracking Report – this new report can be used to determine how “on-track” the project is while it is still in progress, and how accurate the estimations were for the project once it has been completed.

* Customised Jira Documentation – Jira’s documentation now reflects the customisations that Jira caters for: custom issue types, priorities and resolutions
* Archiving Improved – archiving does not lose the issues’ version information
* Accurate Statistics – the project statistics are now automatically refreshed to reflect the changes to the issues within the project.
* Share Filters with everyone – Administrators can now share and subscribe all groups to filters.
* Cautious Exports – Jira will prompt the user when exporting to an existing file, to ensure it is OK to overwrite.
* Improved Permissions Management – it is now possible to add more than one permission to groups at the same time.
* Improved Setup – the Default Permission scheme is now assigned to new projects.
* Improved Printable View – the printable view now shows the filter summary as well as the number of matching issues.
* More Detailed Full Content View – full content view now shows the status of the issue and custom fields.
* Improved Linking Usability – When linking two issues the user can select the issue to link from the current history.

* Improved Documentation – we are working hard on keeping our documentation up to date. The Tomcat deployment documentation has been updated.
* E-mails Show Jira version – the e-mails now show the version of Jira that sent the message.
* Status Icons for linked issues – Linked Issues now show the issue status.
* CVS Integration – CVS integration now picks up added files.
* Zip compression for Backups – the backup service can now create compressed backup files.
* Accurate Indexing – deleting issues now removes the comment from the index so that it does not show up in searches.
* Custom Field Validation – custom fields validate their default values so that, for example, it is impossible to set an alphabetic string as a default value for a field that expects a number.
* Issue Creation made easier – Jira will remember the last issue type that a user has created and defaults to that type for new issues.
* Configurable Confirmation on Logout – it is possible to configure Jira to confirm the logout at all times, when automatically logged in, or switch it off completely.
* Improved Defaults – Jira will now default to “unassigned” for new issues rather than project’s lead, if unassigned issues are allowed.
Need more reasons to look into Jira? Look at “10 reasons to try Jira today”:http://www.atlassian.com/software/jira/learn/10reasons.jsp!
We can’t wait for your feedback on this release – Enjoy!
h2. Availability
Take a tour, try Jira online or download an evaluation to use in your organisation – just “try Jira today”:http://www.atlassian.com/software/jira/try!
h2. Purchasing
With the introduction of an Enterprise edition, the licensing and pricing for Jira has been updated – you can read all the detail on our “licensing page”:http://www.atlassian.com/software/jira/pricing.jsp.
Until the 1st of July, Jira 2.2 Professional will be available at the special price of $800/server, after that it will rise to $1000.
As a thank you to our existing Professional customers, there is a specially discounted upgrade price of $2400 for those who wish to upgrade to Jira 2 Enterprise before the end of June.
As always, all commercial licenses include the full source and 12 months of free upgrades, so a license is future-proof! Thank you to all our users who have purchased Jira recently – your continued support means a lot to us.
To purchase or ask questions, please “contact us”:http://www.atlassian.com/about/contactform.jsp.

Jira 2.2 Released