The Year in Review

Similar to the GreenHopper and Confluence teams, 2010 was a very exciting year for the Jira team.  We doubled the size of the dev team – forcing us to move into a new building across the street – adding a new skillsets and evolving new roles.

The team adopted Scrum, with 2-week iterations, providing more frequent releases and several public milestones. This allowed us to engaged with more customers than ever and ensure our two big Jira releases were packed with great new features and usability improvements.

Top Jira Features of 2010

Looking back at all of the great things we accomplished in 2010, it’s tough for me to narrow it down to just ten, but here we go:

#10 – Jira Importers Plugin

The Jira Importers Plugin decouples our importer tool from the core product allowing us to provide updates more frequently. We have already released two updates supporting Bugzilla versions 2.20 to 3.6.3, and stay tuned for more.

jira-41-configuration.png#9 – Jira Configuration Tool

The Jira Configuration Tool provides a simple graphical configuration tool to help manage your Jira home directory and test your database connectivity.
Great for Jira Admins setting up, troubleshooting, upgrading or switching out databases.

#8 – Customisable email subjects

Customising the subject line of Jira email notifications is great for ensuring proper threading with various email clients.  At 224 votes, this issue had the most votes in Jira 4.1.

#7 – Time tracking on transition

In Jira 4.2, we added a highly requested feature to allow time tracking on workflow transition. This is great to encourage (or force) developers to record the time spent on an issue when they Resolve or Close the issue.

#6 – Keyboard shortcuts

Jira keyboard shortcuts raise productivity to another level by introducing the operations dialog and consistent keyboard controls from the issue details page, the search results page and GreenHopper planning board.

#5 – Labels

Jira 4.2 moved the popular issue labels plugin into the core product and enhanced the Issue Labels dialog with a slick, new auto-complete feature ensuring quick and accurate


#4 – Operations Bar

As known as the “OpsBar” or the “Stalker Bar”, the operations bar is a core component of the usability improvements made to the issue details page in Jira 4.1. The Operations Bar organises issue actions and workflow transitions at the top of the issue reducing the need to scroll up and down.


#3 – Universal Plugin Manager

The Universal Plugin Manager allows you to view and manage the plugins you have installed in Jira (or Confluence). It helps you plan for upgrades and discover, download and install new plugins directly from the Atlassian Plugin Exchange.

#2 – Jira Wallboards Plugin

The Jira Wallboards Plugin was introduced at Summit 2010 as the result of a ShipIt project. This plugin quickly evolved and inspired us to launch the Ultimate Wallboard contest and discover some of the most impressive information radiators out there. We were truly blown away by all of the entries and this plugin will only get better in 2011 as a result.


#1 – Dialogs

Though, you’d think picking the best new Jira feature would be difficult, the new operation dialogs clearly stand out for me.


It’s not just because the dialogs load instantly and can be accessed using keyboard shortcuts. Jira Dialogs provide a simple and consistent way to manage issues from anywhere in Jira.

Jira Dialogs also open up a variety of opportunities for adding cool tricks to Jira workflows. I’ve personally created several dialogs to add “custom edit screens” to my team’s workflows for such things as updating estimates, assigning and scheduling issues, providing feedback, and more.


Honourable mentions

Honourable mentions must be given out to the slew of attachments improvements, user avatars, and addition of new JQL Functions (x2).

So, what was your favourite new Jira feature in 2010? Please comment below.

Happy New Year!

Thank you to all of our customers and the entire Atlassian community – users, partners, and plugin developers. 2011 promises to be even bigger and better, and we are excited to keep building great software for you.

Happy New Year from the Jira team!

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