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When was the last time you used the “Quick Search” box in the top right corner of every screen in Jira? If you’re anything like me, you probably use it almost daily. The Quick Search box is commonly used to navigate directly to an issue or perform a free text search across all of Jira.

But the Quick Search box is much more powerful than it appears, and today I want to share a few of its secrets with all you Jira pro’s out there. See it in action:

Smart Search Operators

Keep this list handy and you’ll be a Quick Search whiz in no time!


  • “my” takes you issues assigned to you
  • “r:kolofsen” returns all issues where Ken Olofsen is the reporter


  • “v:4.2” searches for all issues with an affects version of 4.2
  • “ff:2.1” searches for all issues with a fix version of 2.1
  • version number wildcard – “v:3.2*” finds any issue whose version number is, for example:
    • 3.2
    • 3.2-beta
    • 3.2.1
    • 3.2.x

Dates: created, updated, overdue

  • “updated:-1w” — finds issues updated in the last week.
  •  “due:-1d,1w” — finds issues due from yesterday to next week.

Issue Attributes

  • issue status: typing “open” or “resolved” pulls all issues with that current status
  • issue type: “task” or “bug” pulls all issues of that type
  • issue key: type the exact issue key to navigate directly to any issue: “TST-1”
  • project name or key: typing “Jira Development” or “JRA” returns all issues in that project.

These are most helpful when used in combinations – check out the examples:


  • “my open bugs r:kolofsen” – all issues assigned to me that are open and reported by Ken Olofsen
  • “my unresolved ghs settings” – all issues assigned to me that are unresolved, in the “GreenHopper Support” project, and contain the text “settings” in the summary, description and/or comments
  • “overdue blocker c:security” – all issues with a due date before today, priority of blocker, and component of security

Give Quick Search Smart Searches a try today!


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