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They say no man is an island. While you may not take off your headphones or let your fingers leave the keyboard to talk to your teammates, you do, in fact, need to collaborate to get things done.

Pull teammates into the conversation

Just like Facebook and Twitter, @mentioning someone in Jira is great way to pull them into the conversation at their convenience.

When you @mention someone in a Jira description or comment, anyone viewing the issue can see who’s been asked to contribute to the conversation.

Give others a heads up

The Share button gives you a great way to send “FYI” or broadcast-style messages to those who need to be aware but don’t need to take any action.

Prevent awkward moments like the time you forgot to loop in the new guy: if you already use an email distribution list, you can share issues and filters with that address.

Post to other applications (new!)

PlaySet up webhooks, triggered by issue events in Jira, to post or call any third party application or service.

Learn more about webhooks in Jira 5.2, or see an example of sending an SMS through Zapier and Twilio.

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