Twitter_logo_blueJira Service Desk is now on Twitter

Attention IT service management geeks: we’re going social!

Let’s talk SLAs and swap tips on how to create a legendary service desk. From now on, @JiraServiceDesk will be the home for all IT service management content coming from Atlassian, while @Jira will remain the handle for all things agile and software related.

Follow @JiraServiceDesk to stay up-to-date on release announcements, deep dives on the latest features, best practice blogs, and more. If you’ve got questions about the product, send ’em over. We’re listening.

To get the conversation started, introduce yourself. Mention @JiraServiceDesk, and you might win a t-shirt! (Pinky swear you’ll tweet us a picture wearing your new swag?)

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We are giving away 100 free t-shirts to the first 100 people to mention @JiraServiceDesk.

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Update: We reached 100 mentions of @JiraServiceDesk and have notified the winners. Check your @mentions and DMs to claim your t-shirt. Thanks for such a warm welcome, everyone!

Jira Service Desk is now on Twitter, and we’...