The fourth annual Atlassian Summit last week capped off an exciting first half of 2012 for the Jira family, and let us in on a few sneak peeks for what’s to come in the next few months. Here’s a wrap-up of all the big news.

Jira 5.1 with Inline Edit

Jira 5.1 is going to save you tons of time. New features will include inline edit and actions – many with no page reloads – and back-end performance improvements for large instances.

  • Modify fields directly when viewing an issue
  • Operations no longer require a page reload
  • Full keyboard shortcut support for editing fields

At Summit this year we announced Release Candidate 1 for Jira 5.1. An RC release is an early access public development release to let Jira enthusiasts explore new features in advance, and to let plugin developers test your Jira plugins and integrations for compatibility.

Enterprise scale and performance

The Jira State of the Union this year focused on our continued investment in usability and performance for teams of all sizes. Every Jira user will appreciate searching for, viewing and creating issues faster than ever, larger teams will also see significant performance improvements throughout the product, and Jira administrators will love the new database connection monitoring graphs.

All the talks will be online in video format in the coming weeks, but here’s a key slide you’ll want to look out for when you watch the session:

Stay tuned for more details in Jira 5.1 sneak peek posts soon!

GreenHopper 5.10

We have reimagined GreenHopper from the ground up to support Scrum teams in their daily activities. Our goal was to make GreenHopper the best tool to use during every sprint activity – backlog grooming, sprint planning, executing and reporting. There’s too much good stuff to do this one justice in a Jira post, so be sure to read the announcement blog.

Jira Workflow Sharing

We are happy to announce a beta release of the new Jira Workflow Sharing Plugin! As the name implies, this plugin allows you to simply export and import workflows between different Jira systems. The plugin allows Jira administrators to export or import workflows in a zipped “workflow bundle” format.

Even better, exported workflow bundles can be shared with any Jira instance with little or no manual setup required. We have also made it east to find and share Workflow Bundles via Atlassian Marketplace.

Get the Workflow Sharing Plugin today!




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