The Jira DVCS Connector enables small teams to use a robust issue tracker with the killer Git and Mercurial code hosting site Bitbucket. Today we’re excited to announce a new release of the connector on the Marketplace and OnDemand, making it easier than ever to get your small team running more efficiently with powerful development tools.

What is the DVCS Connector?

The Jira DVCS Connector integrates Git and Mercurial repositories with Jira, so you can link every commit to a bug or development task.

  • Track commits in Jira from all or a subset of your repositories, both public and private
  • Automatically discover newly created repositories and link commits to Jira issues
  • Push your changesets to Jira by referencing issue keys in your commit messages

Commit & Take Action

Switching between applications or even just between browser tabs can lead to distraction and lost time, so we’ve added Smart Commits for Bitbucket in the Jira DVCS Connector.

Smart commits let you update your team on progress and take action on Jira issues, all from a single commit.

Set Up Teams

Bitbucket Teams make it dead simple to create a shared account to consolidate your team-owned repositories and organize your group’s work.

  • Create team-owned repositories that everyone can access
  • Delegate administration to manage members and repositories
  • Set up groups to quickly organize members and their privilege levels
  • Send invitations to new team members, whether they are on Bitbucket or not

Once you connect Bitbucket to Jira, you can add new users to both applications in a single step. Automatically send an email inviting the new developer to join your team on Bitbucket.

Go Git with Jira

Keep your team informed and take action on Jira issues automatically. Connect Jira and Bitbucket today!

Get the Jira DVCS Connector

Jira OnDemand customers have already been upgraded to the latest release of the DVCS Connector.

Jira + Git just got Smarter...