There are only eight days left until the Jira on-boarding competition closes on December 20th. We started the competition to give you, our customers, a chance to help shape the way we onboard new Jira users. We know that everyone has their own recipe for successfully spreading Jira adoption, and we want to use the best recipe to help the entire Jira community.

Bigger prize for the holidays

Just in time for the holidays, we’ve sweetened the pot for the winning submission. Now, in addition to eternal glory and two free tickets to Atlassian Summit 2014, the winner will receive a shiny new Apple iPad Air! The perfect thing to keep, or re-gift to a family member or friend.

Your questions, answered

We’ve had a few questions that have been raised in regard to the competition. Hopefully these answers help clarify things, and give you a better feel for what we are expecting from entries:

Q: Are these instructions for onboarding new Jira admins or new Jira users?

These instructions are for onboarding new Jira users, not admins. These instructions should help new end-users understand and use basic Jira functionality.

Q: What does Atlassian use to onboard its own new users?

The same materials that we give to customers! A great example is the Jira 101 guide. This is a great piece of documentation, and we use it internally, but it’s really geared toward admin users. We feel that we have good instructive material for helping admins get started with Jira, but we are lacking in great content for helping beginning users.

Q: Can I restrict access to my page while I am drafting it on

Yes, you can now restrict access to pages that you are drafting content on.

Submit your ideas!

Ok, now that you have a sweeter prize and more information, it’s time to submit your ideas. May the best instructions win! Entries are due by December 20, 2013.

More info + How to enter

Jira on-boarding competition update: Bigger prize,...