We’re excited to announce the beta release of Jira 6, now available for download! If you develop a Jira plugin or simply can’t wait to get your hands on the new design, read on.

Check out the New Design

The Jira look and feel is being redesigned in Jira 6.0 according to the new Atlassian Design Guidelines. If you are a developer, these changes will affect you; start making changes to your plugins now. The following documents are designed to help you with this transition:

Update your Plugins

Plugin developers – get ready! The EAP 4 (m6) milestone was the last release to include “breaking changes” for Jira 6.0. “Breaking changes” are changes to the Jira APIs that require ecosystem developers to change how they build their plugins. These include changes to Jira’s stable (Java) API, changes to core Jira CSS styles, changes to JavaScript components that build UI, changes to HTML markup patterns.

You should start updating your plugins for Jira 6.0 now. We’ve put together some guides on the key changes in 6.0 so you can get started on ensuring your add-on is Jira 6 compatible.   For details on all of the developer changes for 6.0, see Preparing for Jira 6.0. Please also see our Java API policy for Jira for technical information on the Jira Java APIs and our approach to changing them.

Hear from the Developers

We’ve spent over a year of development optimizing Jira for speed, ease & flexibility. This project, code-named Kickass, is all about efficiency for the things that you do most. Watch the video to see our developers talking about their work.


Get the beta today!

All the information I’ve mentioned above, including links to the download of Jira 6.0 Beta can found below.

Jira 6 Beta Details

Jira 6 beta available today!...