In February, we released Jira 6.2 and Atlassian Git Essentials. Jira 6.2 comes with a host of new features, including all-new integrations with Stash and Bamboo. Now, developers can easily create a pull request straight from Jira.

It doesn’t stop there. We also created a new development panel to so test engineers can see build and deployment statuses from inside a Jira issue.  Oh, and redesigned statuses with a new universal three-phase status indicator.

What are people saying?

What did people think of the latest features? We were dying to know, so we checked the Twitter-verse to read first reactions. Here are some tweets we loved!


We’re excited that you’re excited! With Jira 6.2, you can visualize development, and unify issues and source like never before.

See for yourself:


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