We’re excited to announce the availability of Jira 5.0 RC1 for download from our early access program! RC releases are a fairly stable snapshot of our work in progress, providing an advance preview of new features and, more importantly, a chance for plugin developers to test and update plugins in advance of an official release.

Jira 5 makes it easier for everyone to consume and develop plugins, so you’ll want to get friendly with this release if you’re a Jira administrator or developer. Read on to discover the ways to get your plugins ready and all the great stuff coming to the Jira community.

Stable APIs

If you’ve been following the Atlassian blogs or made your way to AtlasCamp, you already know what this means. Stable APIs are huge for Jira developers because now you can rest assured knowing all your Jira 5.0 compatible plugins will continue to work with our APIs as new Jira 5.x releases come out.

Our Commitment

To help plugin developers adopt these new stable APIs, we’ve created a plugin checkup tool that lets developers validate plugins against the Jira 5 APIs. If you maintain a Jira plugin, make sure you validate it soon. We want you to deliver the best possible experience to your end users, so Atlassian is committed to investing in this set of stable APIs to support external developers integrating with our tools.

Our technical writing team embraced the API commitment in a recent doc sprint: specifically a Jira 5 Java API tutorials doc sprint! Stay tuned to the blogs, as these tutorials are expected to be finished and released over the next several weeks. If you’re working on something related, get in touch with us as you get ready for Jira 5.


Jira’s REST API has undergone significant changes and improvements with Jira 5 – including all the possible ways to search for and work with issues and their related objects. The best part is the new playground: the REST API Browser (RAB) is a plugin inside the SDK that allows you to browse and test all of the REST API modules installed on a given Atlassian product. The RAB makes developing applications that use Jira’s REST API a breeze!


Remote Integrations

Bug, feature and development project tracking is at the center of your team and daily work, and the Jira 5 API improvements bring two exciting ways to connect Jira with the other tools you use.

Jira Activity Streams can now show activity from remote applications. Showing activity from other Atlassian tools is super easy to configure, but now you, the developer, can take this to new levels – create activity stream entries from other tools using the new REST API.

Remote issue links are a powerful new way to link Jira issues to items in external applications. You can now insert dynamic, two-way links on a Jira issue to an issue in another Jira instance, a Confluence page or search result, or any web page URL!

Let’s say you have a support ticket raised by a customer in your help desk system and the bug that causes that issue is being tracked in Jira. With a single REST API call, you can create a link in that Jira issue pointing to the support ticket, and provide an icon, a title, a summary, even a status icon for the remote object.

Start your Engines

A Jira RC release means its time to get those plugins revved up and compatible. The best places to start:

Plugin devs and Jira admins, it’s time to get ready – download Jira 5 RC1 today!

Jira 5 Early Access: Start your Plugin Engines